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Not a Simple Fix: A Worthwhile Journey,
Health Magazine, 2022 v2

After three years, 142 pounds, nine dress sizes, 15,000 minutes of meditation, dozens of behavioral therapy sessions, two finished 5Ks, and one pandemic, I was a successful surgical weight loss patient. I had Before & After pictures and everything. And I wanted to help others who might be ready to take the same scary, life-changing leap. So I shared my surgical weight loss story, along with a few helpful tips.

Sample Type: Magazine feature writing

Saint Luke’s Health System/American Hospital Association

Ripple Effects of Care: Creating a Healthier Globe by Starting Local”
IHF’s 43rd World Hospital Congress

In 2019, Melinda L. Estes, MD, President and CEO of Saint Luke’s Health System was invited to deliver a keynote address at the 43rd World Hospital Congress, a global forum that brings together members of the International Hospital Federation and global health care leaders to discuss key and current issues of health care policy, management, trends, and solutions.

Sample Type: Speech (Long, Keynote)

American Hospital Association

AHA: Chair File

As the 2020 Chair of the American Hospital Association’s Board of Directors, Dr. Estes filled an important leadership role and helped provide a steadying influence hospital leaders nationwide. This farewell column to all AHA members summarized the turbulent and inspirational year.

Sample Type: Opinion Column

Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute

Happy Valentine’s Day

February is National Heart Month. And in 2017, my brainchild of creating tongue-in-cheek but on-message heart-healthy Valentines from the world-renowned team at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute was an award-winning success. With international media mentions and wide social media sharing, the campaign was featured on all Kansas City news outlets and even made its way to Good Morning America.

Sample Type: Social Media Creative

Saint Luke’s Center for Surgical Weight Loss

My Surgical Weight Loss Handbook

After completing my own surgical weight loss journey, I had a special perspective as a writer, a marketing professional, and a patient. With all this knowledge, I was tasked in 2020 with reimagining the patient handbook for the Saint Luke’s Center for Surgical Weight Loss. The result was labor of love and a tool that is now universally praised by the Clinic team and its patients.

Sample Type: Marketing collateral creative direction and copy

Saint Luke’s Health System

Caring for Our Neighbors… Literally,”
Health Magazine, 2022 v3

After growing up in the shadow of Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, Leah Suttington didn’t hesitate about where she wanted to get her care when she suffered her own heart attack years later in another part of town. When asked by the paramedics where she wanted to go, she made it clear: “Take me to Saint Luke’s.” (See page 10.)

Sample Type: Magazine feature writing

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